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This section is for general news about the club and freshwater angling that may be of interest to those looking at the website who are not yet members and cannot access the news items in the member's section.

CLUB NIGHT at 4 The Esplanade, Mount Pleasant (Rowing WA) 7.30 onwards
Every second Tuesday of each month
The following are the likely events for the upcoming calendar activities nights.

JANUARY 2018 - No Meeting
FEBRUARY 2018 - Dry Fly Techniques
MARCH 2018 - Casting Comp

APRIL 2018 -  Tackle Auction
MAY 2018 - Mending Line Techniques

JUNE 20178 - Recfishwest Talk

JULY 2018 - Fly Tying 

AUGUST 2018 - Quiz Night

SEPTEMBER 2018 - Movie Night

OCTOBER 2018 - Tackle Auction

NOVEMBER 2018 - Dry Fly Tying

DECEMBER 2018 - Xmas Food & Catch up

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